Paper Title

Authors (Affiliation)

Shannon capacity and G-capacity of Abelian group codes for channels with finite alphabet

Jorge Arpasi (Universidade Federal do Pampa - UNIPAMPA)

Multi-moment Non-linear Filtering of Chaos: Conditionally Optimum Approach

Valeri Kontorovich (CINVESTAV-IPN)

On the Energy Detection-Based Spectrum Sensing Over Kappa-Mu Fading Channel With Location Information

Diogo Sanders Starling Chaves (Universidade de Brasília),
Ugo Dias (University of Brasilia)

Predictive mobility applied to Content Centric Networks

Fabián Silva (Universidad Diego Portales),
Diego Dujovne (EIT, Universidad Diego Portales)

Algorithms for selection and allocation of virtual network requests

Igor Silva (State University of Campinas),
Eduardo Xavier (State University of Campinas),
Nelson Fonseca (UNICAMP)

Performance evaluation of application-aware cost function for scalable video multicast streaming services on overlay networks

Tien Anh Le (Telecom SudParis),
Hang Nguyen (Telecom Sudparis CNRS)

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS): Description of a Solution to Heterogeneous Architectures Management

Jorge Beingolea (Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo),
Alexandre De Oliveira (Universidade de São Paulo),
Sergio Takeo (Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo)

A Multi-Class Advance-Reservation Scheduler

Mark McGinley (University of Virginia),
Malathi Veeraraghavan (University of Virginia)

Exploring and Evaluating Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Model Configuration by Management Systems

Joberto Martins (Salvador University - UNIFACS),
Rafael Reale (Instituto Federal da Bahia - IFBA),
Romildo Martins (IFBA)

Stimulating Cooperation in the iPeer TV Architecture

Daniel Manzato (UNICAMP),
Nelson Fonseca (UNICAMP)

Comparison between Power Efficiencies of Mixed-Line Rate over Single-Line Rate in Spectral Efficient WDM Networks with Signal Quality Guarantee

Aleksejs Udalcovs (Riga Technical University),
Vjaceslavs Bobrovs (Riga Technical University),
Girts Ivanovs (Riga Technical University)

Spectrum Sliced WDM-PON System as Energy Efficient Solution for Optical Access Systems

Sandis Spolitis (Riga Technical University),
Vjaceslavs Bobrovs (Riga Technical University),
Girts Ivanovs (Riga Technical University)

An Optical Pulse Generator from a Sinusoidal Optical Signal Using Sagnac Loop Self-Sampling

Ricardo Ribeiro (Universidade Federal Fluminense),
Vinícius Nunes Henrique Silva (Optics Department, Telecom Bretagne),
Andr�s Pablo Barbero (Universidade Federal Fluminense),
Frederic Lucarz (Telecom Bretagne),
Bruno Fracasso (Telecom Bretagne),
Murilo Carvalho (Universidade Federal Fluminense)

Agent based State Estimation in Smart Distribution Grid

S M Shafiul Alam (Kansas State University),
(Bala) Balasubramaniam Natarajan (Kansas State University),
Anil Pahwa (Kansas State University)

Energy and Cost Analysis of Cellular Networks under Co-channel Interference

Marcos Tomio Kakitani (UTFPR),
Glauber Brante (Federal University of Technology - Paraná),
Richard Demo Souza (UTFPR),
Marcelo Pellenz (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná),
Muhammad Ali Imran (Surrey University)

A Collaborative Environment for Colocated Meetings

Carla Berkenbrock (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - UDESC)

Centralized Spectrum Broker and Spectrum Sensing with Compressive Sensing Techniques for Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks

Jeison Marín Alfonso (UPB university),
Leonardo Betancurt (UPB University)

Dynamic Multiple Access Efficiency of Aloha and UWB with and without Detect and Avoid

Fernando Ramirez-Mireles (ITAM)

Eigenvalue-Based Techniques for Continuous Sensing Model in MIMO CR Networks

Adoniran Braga (Universidade de Brasília),
Rausley Souza (National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel)),
Dayan Guimarães (INATEL)

Measurement for Digital TV in Amazon City

Miércio Cardoso de Alcântara Neto (Federal University of Pará),
Fabricio Barros (PUC-RIO),
Hélio Ferreira (Universidade Federal do Pará),
Michele Almeida (University Federal do Pará),
Nelson Mateus Ferreira Santos (Federal University of Pará),
Pedro Vladimir Gonzalez Castellanos (INMETRO),
Gervasio Cavalcante (Federal University of Para)

Co-channel Interference Control by Channels Reallocation in a Cellular Network

Danni De la Cruz (Unicamp Brasil),
Celso de Almeida (UNICAMP)

Dynamic Timed Energy Efficient and Data Collision Free MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Vinícius Guimarães (Universidade de Brasília),
Adolfo Bauchspiess (Universidade de Brasília),
Renato de Moraes (University of Brasília (UnB))

A simple method to estimate relative permittivity and tangent loss of printed circuit board materials

Ronal Montoya (University of Antioquia),
Natalia Gaviria (Universidad de Antioquia)

A Real-time Wireless Sensor Network for Heart Rate Monitoring

Kun-chan Lan (National Cheng Kung University)

ON Using Lossy Compression for Remote Sleep Monitoring

Kun-chan Lan (National Cheng Kung University)

Using Gaussians Mixtures in the Characterization of the Behavior of Queues for Multifractal Traffic

Jeferson Stênico (Universidade Estadual de Campinas),
Lee Ling (UNICAMP)

An Adaptive Microgrid Protection Scheme Based on a Wide-Area Smart Grid Communications Network

Taha Selim Ustun (Carnegie-Mellon University),
Abdulrahman Habdah (Victoria University),
Akhtar Kalam (Victoria University),
Reduan Khan (Newcastle University)

Multi-User OFDM MIMO in IEEE 802.11ac WLAN: A Simulation Framework to Analysis and Synthesis

Roger Hoefel (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

A new system based on Web services and RFID for tracking people in a pervasive mining environment

Daniel Iturralde (University of Santiago de Chile),
Ismael Soto (Departamento de ingeniería Eléctrica, USACH),
Diego Fuentealba (University of Santiago de Chile),
Jorge Bravo (University of Santiago de Chile),
Nestor Yoma (University of Chile)

Performance Analysis of MC-CDMA Systems in Rayleigh Fading Channel with Inter-Cell and Co-Cell Interference

Henry Carvajal (State Univeristy of Campinas - UNICAMP),
Celso de Almeida (UNICAMP)

Performance Evaluation of Opportunistic Wireless Transmission in Rayleigh Fading Channels with Co-Channel Interference

Nathaly Orozco (State University of Campinas - UNICAMP),
Celso de Almeida (UNICAMP)

Joint versus Individual Chance Constraints for an Uplink Wireless OFDMA Network

Pablo Adasme (Departamento de ingenierÃ-a Eléctrica, USACH),
Abdel Lisser (University of Paris Sud 11),
Ismael Soto (Departamento de ingeniería Eléctrica, USACH)

Analysis of the Power Control Error in Closed-Loop Power Control Algorithms Applied to Visible Light Communication Systems

Cesar Azurdia Meza (University of Chile),
Li Zi (Kyung Hee University),
Changping Li (Kyung Hee University)

PAPR Reduction in SC-IFDMA Uplink System Using Parametric Pulses

Cesar Azurdia Meza (University of Chile)

Dynamic Fuzzy Cellular Admission Control

Anna Izabel Tostes (Federal University of Minas Gerais),
Fatima Duarte-Figueiredo (PUC Minas),
Luis Zárate (Pntifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais)

Application of Fractional Fourier Transform in Processing of Chipless Signal Collision

Camila Lopes (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande),
Edmar Gurjão (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande),
Francisco Marcos Assis (IQUANTA)

DSP and ADC/DAC Projections for WDM-OFDMA-PON

Maybemar Hernandez (Universidad Simón Bolívar),
Rodolfo Alvizu (Universidad Simón Bolívar),
Christian Dassy (Universidad Simón Bolívar),
Monica Huerta (Simon Bolivar University)

New Model and Open Tools for Real Testing of QoE in Mobile Broadband Services and The Transport Protocol Impact: The Operator's Approach

Jorge Sandoval (University of Chile),
Alfonso Ehijo (University of Chile),
Andres Casals (University of Chile),
Claudio Estevez (Universidad de Chile)

A Methodology for the Design of Wireless Backhaul Networks in Mountainous Regions

Carlos Viteri Mera (Universidad de Nariño),
Álvaro Javier Ortega (Universidad de Nariño)

On the effect of peer online times on the lookup service of Chord and Kademlia P2P systems

Adan Medrano-Chavez (Metropolitan Autonomous University),
Elizabeth Perez-Cortes (Metropolitan Autonomous University),
Miguel López-Guerrero (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)

TCP Performance Improvement with the Inclusion of TCP Proxy Nodes

Andres Abujatum (Universidad de Chile),
Jazmine Maldonado (NIC Chile Research Labs),
Javier Bustos-Jiménez (Universidad de Chile)

Natural Gradient Routing: Sink convergence using data as guide

Claudia Buchhorsts (Universidad Diego Portales),
Diego Dujovne (EIT, Universidad Diego Portales)

Accurate Online Detection of Bidimensional Hierarchical Heavy Hitters in Software-Defined Networks

Mario Augusto da Cruz (Universidade Federal de Goias),
Lafaiet Castro e Silva (Institute of Informatics - UFG),
Sand Correa (Universidade Federal de Goiás - UFG),
Kleber Cardoso (Universidade Federal de Goiás)

Model Predictive Control on Wall Wetting Effect Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Zhengmao Ye (Southern University)





Paper Title

Authors (Affiliation)

Evaluation Performance of Genetic Algorithm and Random Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Max-RWA Problem in All-Optical Networks

Fouad Kharroubi (Hunan University)

Analysis of propagation model in conformance with IEEE 802.16-2009-based fixed wireless networks

Paul Bernal (ESPE),
Roman Lara (Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito)

Wireless Sensor Networks in Forest Fire Detection

Daniel E. Parra-Beratto (Universidad de Concepción),
Silvia Elena Restrepo (Universidad de Concepción),
Jorge Pezoa (Universidad de Concepción and The Center for Optics and Photonics)

Securing BPSK Communications by Altering Symbol Periodicity

Alex Cartagena Gordillo (Universidad Catòlica San Pablo),
Kui Zhou (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)

Sub-optimum LDPC Decoding Algorithm based on Reliable Samples

Celso Frison (State University of Campinas - Electrical Engeneering and Computing Faculty),
Celso de Almeida (UNICAMP)

A Study of Multiband Planar Monopole Antenna Integrated for 4G Terminals

Hélio Ferreira (Universidade Federal do Pará),
Miércio Cardoso de Alcântara Neto (Federal University of Pará),
Diego da Siva (Federal University of Pará),
Nelson Mateus Ferreira Santos (Federal University of Pará),
Walter Martins Filho (University Federal of Pará),
Fabricio Barros (PUC-RIO),
Gervasio Cavalcante (Federal University of Para)

Application of Hybrid Intelligent Systems Fuzzy-ACO for Performance Optimization of Multipath Routing Protocols in WSN

Jose Sobral (Federal University of Piaui),
Ricardo Rabêlo (Universidade Estadual do Piauí),
Rodrigo Baluz (University of Fortaleza),
Harilton Araújo (Centro de Ensino Unificado de Teresina),
Raimir Holanda (Universidade de Fortaleza-UNIFOR),
Flavio Santos (State University of Piaui)

A Smartphone Application for Parkinson Tremor Detection

Vicenta Parra (Simon Bolivar University),
George Figueras-Benitez (Simon Bolivar University),
Monica Huerta (Simon Bolivar University),
Alejandro Marzinotto (Simon Bolivar University),
Ricardo González (Simon Bolivar University),
Rodolfo Alvizu (Universidad Simón Bolívar)

Virtual Network Allocation Algorithms in Transport Networks

Marco Tarifeño-Gajardo (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)

A Hi Monopolo Antenna Project for Applications in the Brazilian Digital TV System

Miércio Cardoso de Alcântara Neto (Federal University of Pará),
Hélio Ferreira (Federal University of Pará),
Walter Martins Filho (University Federal of Pará),
Nelson Mateus Ferreira Santos (Federal University of Pará),
Gervasio Cavalcante (Federal University of Para),
Fabricio Barros (PUC-RIO)

Considerations on Packet Loss Incidence on Perceived Video Quality in Digital Television

Jose Joskowicz (Universidad de la República),
Rafael Sotelo (Universidad de Montevideo)

Multivariate Optimization for Spectral Analysis Via Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach

Zhengmao Ye (Southern University)

Performance Comparison between TCP-NACK and TCP-Reno over Fading Channels

Pablo Pilo-Pais Albuja (Universidade Estadual de Campinas UNICAMP),
Celso de Almeida (UNICAMP)

Spatial Multiplexing Performance with Maximum Likelihood Detector on Fading channels with Co-Channel Interference

Juan Minango (State University of Campinas)

Measurements for Digital Terrestrial Television in Bogota Metropolitan area in Colombia

German Castellanos (Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria),
Henry Moreno (Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria),
Arnold Hernandez (Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria),
Lucas Forero (Sena)

Development and testing of handover and bi casting reception for Wi-Fi clients on software-defined/Openflow networks.

Carlos Amigo (University of Concepcion),
Sergio Sobarzo (Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica, UdeC)

Empirical efficiency gains of high-speed UDP-based protocols in realistic settings

Nicolas Boettcher (Universidad Diego Portales),
Luciano Ahumada (Universidad Diego Portales),
Roberto Konow (Univ Diego Portales),
Luis Loyola (Skillup Japan)

Evaluation of internal and external communication alternatives for a WSN node

Luis Navarro (Universidad Simon Bolivar),
Ricardo González (Simon Bolivar University),
Bradford Nickerson (University of New Brunswick)

Adjustment of Free Space Propagation Model for 3.3 Ghz Measurements made in Mexico City

Eros Ruiz Lopez (Instituto Politecnico Nacional),
Jorge Sosa-Pedroza (Instituto Politécnico Nacional),
Fabiola Martínez-Zúñiga (Instituto Politécnico Nacional)

DNP3 integration performance with IEEE 802.11 in Smart Grid Applications Through the CDF of delay and Jitter

Alcides Ortega (UNESP (Univesidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho")),
Ailton Shinoda (Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP),
Christiane Schweitzer (UNESP),
Aleciana Ortega (Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio Mesquita Filho")

A Middleware Accessible by REST API and UPnP to Control Devices, Send Events Notification and Enable Ubiquity using ZigBee, Arduino and IP

Hiro Ferreira (University of Brasília),
Edna Canedo (University of Brasília),
Rafael Sousa (Universidade de Brasília)

Overcoming Intrinsic Network Losses by Incorporating a Transport-Physical Layer Interface

Claudio Estevez (Universidad de Chile),
Felipe Salas (Universidad de Chile),
Andres Abujatum (Universidad de Chile)

A Danger Theory Immune-inspired Architecture for the Prediction of Security Attacks in Autonomic Networks

Dilton Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Sergipe),
Ricardo Salgueiro (Universidade Federal de Sergipe),
Edward Moreno (UFS - Universidade Federal de Sergipe)

Performance comparison of adaptive implementations of Joint Beamforming and Power Control algorithm

Cristina Gomez (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana)